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The story so far



In the year 2001 I set off to america to learn how to be a wheelwright. I had found someone to teach me and came back several weeks later complete with four full size carriage wheels I had made as hand luggage. No shortage of conversations that day.

I then discovered that whilst I was raring to go I couldnt buy the tools as they hadnt been made since the 1800s, so with that naive belief that it cant be that hard, I made a forge for the back garden, brought a small anvil and made them.

Luckily I found a work shop on a local farm, and set to work.

What I then found was that in the olden days the wheelwright would have just made the wooden part of the wheel, this would then be passed to the blacksmith to shrink the steel tyre on, then it goes to the wainwright to build the carriage, then to the trimmer for the upholstery, and so on. Unfortunatley these skills rarely exist anymore, so if you want to do one bit you have to do them all.

As a consequence I have ended up with a unique range of craft skills. Whilst I see myself as a wheelwright I get asked to make all kinds of things, for example I have made armour, whips, wooden buckets, and arrow heads. If you think you want something made get in touch, its always worth a conversation


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