Traditional crafts



One of a set of dressing room mirrors I made for a Theatre Company   A 12" wheelbarrow wheel, 1.2mt wheel with rubber tyre and a 2mt wheel to see if I could make one   A set of four wheels for a showmans wagon
Shrinking on a steel tyre
showmans wagon under construction
The completed body before fit out
Start with a piece of wood and end up with a settee and ottoman  
A Chaise Longue

Railings at Capel Manors Old Manor House Show Garden Opened by the Queen


Demonstrating at a public event with anglo saxon helmets in the foreground  
some decoration from a carriage
An Ottoman
A Handsewn Leather handbag  
The Ultimate Settee
  A Leather Lampshade
An Illuminated mirror frame made for an Advertising Campaign for diamond encrusted watches   An experimental bag, mixing leather and fabric  

Full length Theatre Mirrors and Monster Mirrors

for a theatrical hire company



A Two seater Rocking Garden bench