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I dont claim to be a fully fledged blacksmith, but rather have the skills and tools I need to make what I need. There are apparently 500 blacksmiths in the country most of whom spend their life cutting and welding steel to make railings, and whilst I have now made two sets of railings, one for my own house, and one set for a garden opened by the Queen, its not the sort of work I look forward too, but some people you cant say no too.

If you want some railings have a look at the British Artists Blacksmith site shown on our links page. Some of their work is incredible.

I use my forge to make all those little bits and pieces I need for my projects, bits and pieces you cant buy because no one makes them commercially anymore, parts for carriages, parts for vintage agricultural machinery, tools for the farm.

I have made some basic pieces of armour, helmets, arrow and pike heads. I have made hooks, spades, fire tools, all the things that blacksmiths used to make.

For 2012 if time permits I have been slowly amassing the bits I need to try casting steel, although the recent theft of the forge by some metal thieves hasnt helped.

If you have project in mind or need something made


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