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Traditional Upholstery



Traditional Upholstery involves the use of springs, webbing, and hair to create an upholstered object.

I started doing this in order to upholster a Landau I restored several years ago and got hooked. I still do carriage upholstery, but also get side tracked into making the occasional item of furniture. I dont do a lot but throughly enjoy it.

If its a new project such as the settee shown I start off by making the frame, and slowly build upon it, with springs, several layers of hair, hessian, and natural wadding, applied by hand, and hand stitched together to create a truly bespoke item.

For one customer I made a set of three armchairs which at first glance looked the same, but one was much shorter in the seat, to suit a member of the family with shorter legs

If you have project in mind or need something made the contact page is at the end.


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